The Boudreaux Group
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We hire people who are smart, creative and passionate. We encourage involvement in community organizations, personal hobbies and continued education.

Collaboration is key at The Boudreaux Group. Whether within our own internal teams or when working with clients and consultants, we strive to create a culture that values the ideas of each team member.

Annually, The Boudreaux Group offers the opportunity for employees to submit a proposal to be selected for the Boudreaux Design Fellowship program. The Boudreaux Group believes in fostering an energizing design culture and continually fueling the creative spirits of our staff. The Design Fellowship Program is available to one employee (or team of two employees), each year, to be awarded an all-expense paid unique enrichment opportunity. It is up to each applicant to envision their experience: take a field trip, craft a research endeavor, and participate in an event related to Art, Architecture, Interior Design or Planning, or conceive any other inspiring idea. The Fellowship Program is intended to provide a learning experience for the employee and an opportunity for the employee to share with and in turn inspire the rest of the office through their discoveries.