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Tuesday June 2, 2020

Big Changes with Little ¢hange: How to Renovate on a Tight Budget

Chief Customer Officer Georgia Coleman with Richland Library and President Heather Mitchell, AIA, LEED AP BD+C and Project Manager Karen Quinn, AIA, LEED AP BD+C with BOUDREAUX wrote an article for South Carolina Library Association (SCLA) about our experience designing modern libraries. Below is the intro to our article, check out the full story here: SCLA Article…

In November of 2013, Richland County residents passed a $59 million bond referendum to enhance their library facilities. Each location had a fixed total project budget associated with it to fund renovations, additions, furniture, technology and all related professional services. Each location also had an associated list of goals and visions to create 21st century library facilities which was augmented by public input. In all cases, at the beginning of the design process, the wish list exceeded the available funding. As such, the library leadership and design team worked together to prioritize and make the most of the available funding in ways that resulted in award winning transformations that, most importantly, have been well-received by the communities they serve and improved the value and relevance of the libraries. From the perspective of both the library staff and the architectural design team members, this article shares some of the strategies that result in “big changes with little ¢hange.” Cost sensitive strategies discussed and illustrated include: a customer experience design focus, reallocation of staff office space, use of color, selection of flexible furnishings, and integration of public art.

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