SCHOA Presentation Team
Tuesday November 8, 2022


We were honored to present with Clemson University’s Director of Residential Living Dr. Leasa Ann Kowalski Evinger on Douthit Hills Student Community to the South Carolina Housing Officers Association Conference at Clemson University.

Clemson University Douthit Hills

Clemson University‚Äôs Housing Leadership teams up with its architect to share insights from the design process of Douthit Hills. With over 1600 beds in seven buildings and a student life Hub at its center, Douthit Hills stands as the largest state capital improvement project completed to date. While a large project, Dr. Leasa Evinger, Director of Residential Living, and Heather Mitchell, Architect and President of BOUDREAUX, will provide take-aways applicable to any size project – even just a one room refresh of an existing space. After a quick overview of the project, the presenters will focus on a few aspects of how community was created and how the collaborative spirit of the design and construction process enhanced the outcomes. The session will wrap up with some perspective from current Douthit Hills staff speaking to how the building is living and breathing today four years and a pandemic since its opening.