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Master Planning with City of Inman, SC
Friday January 8, 2021

City of Inman Downtown Master Planning

We are thrilled to be working with the City of Inman to create vision and clear path for positive future growth. Teaming with Toole Design and Fred Delk, we are partnering with City of Inman to bring expertise, extensive experience and passion for master planning, streetscaping, placemaking and downtown revitalization. Collaborating to bring Main Street to life, strategically planning for the municipal and public facilities to sustainably fuel the City’s future growth.

From the January 5, 2021 Go Upstate Article: “In fact, I think that if you look at the amount of acreage that Inman has, I think that they’re going to surpass a lot of their sister cities in Spartanburg because they have so much potential if they make really good decisions,” OneSpartanburg, Inc. Chief Economic Development Officer Katherine O’Neill said.

In the past five years, a progressive city council has made an effort to grow Inman’s population and bring more industry to the city by investing in infrastructure, housing and business. 

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Now, the city of Inman is working with Columbia-based architect BOUDREAUX to put together a strategic plan for the city over the next five to 10 years, Mayor of Inman Cornelius Huff said.

City of Inman Mural

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