Clemson University Samuel J. Cadden Chapel dedication
Monday December 13, 2021

Clemson University’s Samuel J. Cadden Chapel Dedication

Bagpipes reverberated through Clemson core as the Samuel J. Cadden Chapel was dedicated.

After developing concept designs for numerous campus sites as part of separate IDC projects, our team led the effort to develop a concept design for the preferred site in President’s Park.  The L-shaped form provides a terminus to the park and creates an outdoor gathering and garden space while integrating into the existing pathway network. Places for public art and memorials are incorporated into the design. The assembly area seats 100 and is supported by pre-function space and indoor and outdoor meditation spaces. The Chapel is intended to welcome those of all or no faith and serve as a place of spiritual reflection and to provide a gathering place for the Campus community in times of struggle or celebration.

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