Heather Mitchell Presents at the Association of Community College Trustees

Heather Mitchell Presentation

Along with Todd Sease, AIA Chair of the MTC Commission, Dr. Ronald Rhames, President of MTC, Dr. Barrie Kirk, Provost, and Debbie Walker, Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, Heather was honored to present the Center for Business and Information Technologies to the Association of Community College Trustees on October 15th. The building is under construction on the Beltline Campus.

Like all community colleges, Midlands Technical College has been faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. MTC has met these challenges while proceeding with the design and construction of a facility that is welcoming, functional, and conducive to the teaching and learning process. The college’s newest academic facility is designed with all of this in mind while also shifting campus culture toward utilization of shared and collaborative spaces.

During the presentation, Heather discussed the way the design responded to lessons learned during the pandemic and the way the construction manager at risk delivery method helped mitigate COVID-19 cost increases and supply chain issues.