& Real Estate Forum Award

Lobby Entrance for Hotel Trundle

The boutique Hotel Trundle and BOUDREAUX’S architectural office was recognized by and Real Estate Forum in the Commercial Project (private, for-profit) category as part of their 2019 Adapt Opportunity Zone Awards. This award-winning adaptive reuse project was celebrated for its innovative use of abandoned space and its overall design excellence. The Adapt Opportunity Zone Awards highlights the achievements of those who have identified opportunities for adaptive reuse solutions nationally, recognizing companies that have been impactful in their communities by demonstrating ingenuity, creative thinking and problem solving through thoughtful rejuvenation of underutilized buildings. BOUDREAUX (architect) and Mashburn Construction (contractors) are honored to be among those recognized.

The project was recognized by and Real Estate Forum alongside a few Opportunity Zone projects. The projects are intended to serve as inspiration for the type of development that can happen in opportunity zones across the country. “It is exciting to be recognized among projects from larger cities like Atlanta, Seattle and Philadelphia. This is just further evidence of the forward momentum in Columbia and, even more, the power of creativity and perseverance to reenergize the historic cores of downtowns across our state,” said Heather Mitchell, President of BOUDREAUX.

Developed as a single project, the three buildings located at the corner of Sumter and Taylor streets—Powell Furniture, Western Auto, and Rose-Talbert Paints—now comprise Hotel Trundle and the offices of BOUDREAUX. The hotel encompasses both floors of Western Auto and Rose-Talbert Paints on Taylor Street as well as the first floor of the Powell Furniture Building. BOUDREAUX—an architecture, planning, preservation and interior design firm—occupies the second floor of this building. The project is an excellent example of adaptive reuse, transforming three abandoned buildings into vibrant pieces of Columbia’s downtown while retaining original features and restoring missing elements. The project has helped expand the vitality of Main Street to adjacent blocks further growing the economic impact deeper into the city.

The project took advantage of multiple tax incentives including abandoned building tax credits, facade easements, Bailey Bill, and state and federal historic tax credits. The City’s establishment of the Main Street National Register historic district made the project eligible for many of these tax incentives. The expertise of local attorneys Rogers Lewis enabled the project to take advantage of the combination of these incentives which created a financially viable project. “Mashburn takes pride in bringing old, empty buildings back to life. Our expertise in historic projects, brings forward a well-qualified team to ensure the most cost effective and sustainable preservation techniques that have a long-lasting impact on our community and also provide new, lively spaces to enjoy,” says, President Lee Mashburn of Mashburn Construction.

In 2018, the project was recognized with an Adaptive Use Award presented by Historic Columbia as part of its Annual Preservation Awards. Later that year, the project also won the People’s Choice and the Design Detail awards from the Columbia chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Design services for both projects were provided by BOUDREAUX. Mashburn Construction served as the contractor. POND Interiors collaborated with BOUDREAUX on the interior design of Hotel Trundle. The project is owned locally by 1224 Taylor Street, LLC. which is comprised of members of the design, development and construction team.