Tuesday October 25, 2022

Infusion for the Booker T. Washington – The Center for Civil Rights

We are honored to be part of the Booker T. Washington, future home of The Center for Civil Rights project at University of South Carolina. The rejuvenated auditorium building is all that remains of the historic Columbia African-American high school and community center. Our team provided a vital large academic space while creating opportunities to honor and recognize the rich school history. The renovation focused on the approximately 450-seat auditorium and added air conditioning, updated lighting and seating, improved acoustics and provided handicapped accessibility. To improve the life safety aspects of the building, a fire suppression and fire alarm system were incorporated into the auditorium wing.

Renewing the character of the exterior both literally and symbolically, layers of paint were stripped to expose the classic red brick of the original structure and a street side entry addition gives a new presence.  The character of the addition recalls the historic character that was lost from the campus when the high school’s other buildings were demolished. Exhibits also designed by our team enhance the public spaces by telling the story of the school and its history.

We are thrilled that Congressman James Clyburn is leading the charge to invest in recording the contributions of South Carolinians in the larger national civil rights movement. A recent donation from Boeing Co. in honor of Rep. Clyburn has established James E. and Emily E. Clyburn Endowed Chair of Public Service and Civic Engagement Fund and will allow the university’s Center for Civil Rights History and Research to further its programming and outreach initiatives within the university community and across the state of South Carolina.

BOUDREAUX is currently working on exterior improvements on this historic building.

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