Irene Dumas Tyson Talks Creative Placemaking at 2021 Municipal Association Conference

Irene Dumas Tyson presents at MASC

Director of Master Planning Irene Dumas Tyson was excited to share the stage with Jim Stritzinger, Director of the SC Broadband Office and Jennifer Bonnet, SEDA’s VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at this year’s Municipal Association South Carolina Conference in Hilton Head.

Creative Placemaking is one of our favorite topics because it is a proven accelerator for community revitalization. Leveraging art and culture in tandem with great design creates a distinctive sense of place – culturally rich, engaging, and economically thriving. It has been proven to make people stay longer and spend more money in places that attract their affection.

Creating Third Places is an important part of revitalization efforts. Public places on neutral ground where people can gather and interact – it allows people to put aside concerns and simply enjoy the company and conversation around them. Third Places are essential to community and public life.

10 Best Practices in Creative Placemaking:

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. Bring in artists and the community early
  3. Mine local art and cultural assets
  4. Engage local artists
  5. Understand and articulate stakeholder benefits
  6. Form cross-sector partnerships
  7. Identify the critical skills needed to deliver on project goals and outcomes
  8. Look for early wins to generate excitement, visibility, and buy-in
  9. Maintain a long view
  10. Pursue creative financing