The Heart of Campus
Wednesday March 30, 2022

The Heart of Campus – Clemson Chapel

We were thrilled to read this article from Clemson World. After developing concept designs for numerous campus sites as part of separate IDC projects, our team led the study to update and further develop the Chapel design and imagery. The Chapel and gardens are designed to promote introspection through the creation of an inviting design character, and by taking full advantage of the picturesque landscape and large oak trees on the surrounding site located along the Campus Green. The character of the building was designed to be familiar and welcoming, with a strong vertical form and an open, airy interior with views to the surrounding landscape. Natural materials such as exposed brick, slate flooring, and wood structural members all work to achieve a highly crafted, detailed, and elegant design that enhances the surrounding campus. In addition to the large assembly space, the lower level of the Chapel includes an open gallery for gatherings as well as two private meditation rooms. The lower level also opens to another outdoor brick-paved gathering plaza and the Chapel’s Memorial Garden, where small nooks with benches along the garden path create places for visitors to pause to meditate, reflect, and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery.

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