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  • BOUDREAUX planners worked Clemson University to create the campus Interpretive Plan
  • Clemson University’s Interpretive Plan
  • BOUDREAUX worked with Clemson University developing an interpretive plan for campus showing the history

Clemson University Interpretive Plan | Clemson, SC

The Clemson University Interpretive Plan is a comprehensive communication tool to convey the significance and underlying meaning of Clemson’s history. Initiated and then unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees, the effort organizes Clemson’s history into four eras, identifies and maps storylines arrived at through facilitated stakeholder input and outlines recommendations. The work supports the University’s strategic plan and its goal to strengthen the sense of community and connectedness that defines the Clemson Family by enhancing diversity, improving workplace quality of life and creating an environment of inclusive excellence. We crafted the report content, graphics, maps and site inventory forms in accordance with the magnitude of the plan.

Recommendations include:

  • Creation of a Clemson Interpretive Center
  • Creation of comprehensive graphics and signage standards/brand for the Clemson Interpretive Experience
  • Assessment of existing interpretive programs and media
  • Alignment with existing and proposed history-experiencing initiatives

The plan was developed in collaboration with interpretive planning consultant, John Veverka and Associates.