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  • Richland County Library worked with Boudreaux to design modern exterior elements for Richland North Main Library.
  • Richland County Library’s North Main location worked with Boudreaux to design colorful spaces.
  • Richland County Library hired Boudreaux to design the interiors at North Main Library location in Columbia, SC.
  • Richland County Library worked with Boudreaux architects to design flexible spaces.
  • Richland County Library hired Boudreaux architects to design educational spaces at the North Main Library location.
  • Boudreaux designed exterior spaces for public library patrons.
  • Boudreaux architects out of Columbia, SC designed modern spaces for the North Main library.

Richland Library North Main | Columbia, SC

This project renovates 10,000 existing square feet and brings a new children’s collection addition of 2,000 square feet to the North Main location. On the inside, the internet café is the spine of the building, connecting varied meeting spaces, a technology center, a dedicated teen space with recording studio, and a children’s room with an interactive puppet stage. The exterior features a dynamic courtyard framed with public art and a colored canopy to convey a sense of fun and interaction.

The idea that the library is a studio organized around many activities and not just a repository for books is evident through the many users who visit weekly to find their passion at this location, creating a dynamic learning environment in the community.

The library features:

• Subdivided meeting rooms for large and small gatherings
• Public art integrated throughout the interior and exterior spaces
• Recording studio to nurture musical talents and document community stories
• Wi-fi and technology integrated throughout for plug-in anywhere attitude
• Custom puppet stage with LED lighting and speakers to create an immersive story time experience

North Main Library brings joy and strengthens community ties with its colorful renovation that transforms the traditional library into a studio to create and share.