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  • Boudreaux planners continue to work with Town of Lexington to implement their vision plan.
  • Town of Lexington Master Plan rendering showing the new layout and traffic patterns.
  • Town of Lexington worked with Boudreaux to develop plans for the Town center.
  • Town of Lexington Master Plan rendering showcasing new traffic lights.

Town of Lexington Vision Plan | Lexington, SC

In an effort to address the needs of this fast-growing community, the residents and leaders came together to craft a vision that reflects the town’s abiding values and provides a clear roadmap for development over the next 20 years. Through public input sessions and collaboration, the vision plan addressed these challenges:

• Balancing improved traffic flow with pedestrian connectivity
• Establishing Main Street as a destination for shopping, entertainment, and public events
• Defining and promoting the unique small-town character
• Leveraging new public and private partnerships for increased local economic development

The recommendations provided were adopted in 2013 and the Town has since adopted their updates to the Vision Plan (2015, 2017, 2019, 2020).

The project team was led by BOUDREAUX and included DesignWorks (Steve Dudash), Miley & Associates and Dennis Corporation.

2012 National League of Cities Showcase Participant